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Company Vision Company Vision
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Roadmap A Roadmap for R2D2, providing a view of the future of the project.
How we work
Processes Work processes - Project approach !! important to know !!
Release_policy Release policy
Roles Different company roles
Quality Management Quality management
Compiling and google test Compiling and google test information and policy
Technotes Notes
Projects Project overview and Status
Rosbee Assemble and tests Rosbee
ZortraxRobotArm Zortrax Robot Arm
Robot Movement Robot Movement
Existing Robots Existing Robots
RPLidar RPLidar
Position from Video using Tags Tag Position Sensor
Caterpillar Assemble and tests Caterpillar
Class diagram Class diagram
Clock Clock
SharedObjects SharedObjects
Control Systems Control Systems
Pathfinding Pathfinding
Abstract Data Types Abstract Data Types
Available hard- & software Hard- and software from last years project
Position Localisation Systems which can determine their position
Through-wall Vision Through-wall Vision
Communication with base station Communication with base station
Communication between robots Forms of communication between robots.
Inverse kinematics Inverse kinematics.
Map Interface Map Interface
Communication Protocols Communication Protocols
Sensor interfaces Sensor interfaces
Polar view Polar view
PolarView Aggregator PolarView Aggregator
Robot Operating System Robot Operating System
Optical Mouse Sensor Optical Mouse Sensor
Project tools
Qt Cross-platform application framework
Fagan_inspection Fagan inspection
Jenkins Roborescue Jenkins server
Sharepoint THO78 sharepoint
Mapviewer & Editor Mapviewer & Editor
General links Several links, including presentations
File:2014-2015-TI-C++-software-rules-1-0.docx Code conventions and software rules